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Sorry, this just makes me giggle. Eagerly awaiting the rest of the series.

via National Journal

This week in misguided social policies…

Two recent laws which seem misguided, if not downright harmful to women:

Prostitution-free zones in Washington DC: You can be arrested for carrying more than two condoms in your purse; this law only serves to make sex workers less safe (not to mention it’s possible to be in possession of more than two condoms, without being a sex worker).

Hefty fines for wearing a burkha in public in France: This law appears to be more about national pride, rather than protecting the “dignity and security of women”. In any case, even if the intentions behind this law are noble, is fining the women who wear them the way to go?

An interesting twist in the ongoing debate, via newsweek:

Ted Olson on why he’s leading the legal challenge to California’s anti-gay marriage law.